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When thinking of an industry that can never go into extinction, Agriculture comes to mind.

As long as we need food to survive, farming and agriculture will always be necessary. The world keeps evolving, traditional agriculture is gradually embracing new equipment and new technologies on an almost daily basis.

In our last post where we spoke about technological inventions, you’d realize that technology is really having a big bang on all aspects of our lives and agriculture— a mainstay of any economy— won’t be left out.

Looking at employing technology for your agricultural activities? Today, we will be looking at the following key points which won’t only enlighten you but give you clear pathways on what is in store for you both literally and agriculturally.

Automation in Farming

Every new day, we find more uses for Artificial Intelligence, and the agricultural industry isn’t exempted.

Farming automation is simply a process where robots are automated to work on farms. These farming robots or AgBots have the ability to plant, fertilize, and harvest your crops for you—talk about a farming assistant. An example will be a self-steering tractor.

Technically known as robotics, it is the use of automated farming implements that serve as plantation supervisors, as they can easily monitor the health of crops and detect the presence of pests and any other dangerous elements much before any harm can be done.

Farming automation will not only make farming easier for you as a tech-advanced farmer but bring in more profits, much more than the traditional barns can turn in per harvest each season.

Urbanization of Farming

As the world evolves, technology evolves at a quicker pace. A large gap is thus created between Traditional Farming which is the age-long farming with hoes and cutlasses; and Urban Farming which is the new-age farming backed up by technology.

When it comes to Urban Farming, there are 2 inventions to note;

Precision Farming

Vertical Farming

Precision Farming uses GPS and GNSS on farms to measure variables like crop yield, nitrogen levels, topography, moisture levels, pH, amongst other components necessary for successful planting and harvesting.

Precision Farming also optimizes mobile phones and tablets through various apps such as accelerometer, GPS, and camera. The uses of these apps include; obtaining weather and crop information, tracking animals, and field mapping. As a farmer, precision Farming is designed in such a way that you do not have to be physically present in your farm to know what’s happening, this means you could farm from home!

Vertical farming is using the greenhouse method of planting. This means that crops are planted vertically against light-reflecting walls in vertical containers, a unique technological invention for natural photosynthesis.

Can you guess the best feature of vertical farming? It is that you do not need soil to plant. All you need is enriched water. 

With land gradually becoming scarce, you won’t need large hectares of land to achieve bumper harvest anymore. You can plant as many varieties of grains and crops for multiple farming benefits. With vertical farming, you can harvest all year round with fewer resources. You do not have to bother about harsh weather conditions such as drought or erosion, and you also have to ability to control light and regulate temperatures to suit your farm needs.

Genetic Edits in Farming

Since farming is not limited to the planting of crops alone but extends to the grooming of livestock, genetic edits work primarily on animals.

Genetic surgery as it were, involves the process of altering DNA of specific animals to suit the needs of the ecosystem. 

While traditional farming relies on hybrid or cross-breeding of animals to test for better features, technological farming simply adopts the addition or subtraction of DNA strips to groom better animals.

The effect of genetic editing is massive. Animals can develop new traits that will suit modernity, leading to more efficiency and profitability.

Agriculture in this century might just become the most craved industry, especially as the world population is on the increase.

Which other technological invention are you using as a farmer?


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