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Days have run into weeks and weeks gradually into months, and one major point of observation in this COVID-19 pandemic period, and is the total change it has on what we previously believed as normalcy in certain areas of our lives. This change is very obvious in the business and marketing aspects of life. Curbing the spread of COVID-19 demands a global lockdown, on all affected countries which means that everybody is under a compulsion to stay indoors and stay safe.

Sadly, some businesses have liquidated, some employees have been laid off, and some aspects of the economic sectors are at a standstill. There is a lot more online presence on the web, social media platforms, and all digital platforms.

Pro-activeness is an important spice for any successful business, the present situation needs a quick response to the new economic conditions, and some businesses have responded especially in their marketing strategies.

Brand websites have taken a new turn, websites are now being built to accommodate more online users, to display more information, to simplify user navigation, and give excellent user experience.

New features are being added to satisfy the massive online presence, customers are now able to access all the services provided by a business through a click on their phone screens from the comfort of their homes. Trending slogans have become common on business websites and blogs, as they publicize the latest news of government directives and policies on the COVID-19 pandemic, this is to show that they have the customer’s interest in mind.

More businesses have increased the use of  Google and Social Ads, and this includes small businesses and SMEs too. Social media publicity is now at an all-time high.  The social media space is the perfect tool for marketing, interaction, and sales at the same time.

Since everyone is staying at home and spending time on the internet, traditional marketing strategies have been forcefully put away and it is now rather baseless to do billboards or newspaper adverts. Shifting marketing priorities in the light of the pandemic is therefore necessary.

The main marketing priority has now been shifted to the internet.

SMEs selling products, those who had shopped for their goods are now using the internet, social media, and other aspects of the digital space for marketing. Common things that we previously take a trip to the market to buy are now advertised online. Even face masks are being sold online these days.
So that COVID-19 does not have to affect your business, whatever it is you sell, can be posted online, while you make arrangements for delivery.

Digital ways of marketing are being deployed by businesses due to the due to the effect of this pandemic.  You either Go Digital or Go Home.

Although, while some businesses will face more pressure than others on how to incorporate the digital space to their businesses and attract sales and in the long-run—profit, needless to say, that the digital space will still come in as a handy tool for accumulating and retaining their customer-base this period by proper online interaction with customers/clients. Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain. Marketing will not go back to exactly as we used to know it and it is best we are well armed for post-COVID-19 which has started already.

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