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COVID-19  has left everyone in awe and in a state of panic. The strangeness of this pandemic, however, does not lie in the fact that it is a new kind of virus; it is more about the social impact it has caused already.

Looking at the situation, we realize that the virus has successfully led to the eradication of physical interaction, the cord that binds every kind of relationship. Isn’t that what stay-at-home implies? The light at the end of this tunnel, though, is that although people cannot meet physically, another space has been created for us to connect and interact— and it is the digital space.

Of course, the digital space is not a new world and the flexibility of the digital space lies in the fact that new inventions keep cropping up every day, just as new users get inducted into the digital space every second. For instance, the use of podcasts was largely unknown around 2 decades ago, but in today’s world, it has become a tool for education, with millions of users across the globe.
No one knows how long the war against COVID-19 will take. However long it will take, we have to be prepared for a post account COVID-19 life, as it is uncertain things will go back to as they were.

One of the effects of COVID-19 can be seen in the corporate world. Job Interviews are now held online, employers and employees now have online video meetings that formerly would have held in companies and offices, but now holds at home with the benefit of the digital space, achieving the same feat without moving and transporting themselves across. Because the pandemic is global, the digital space is fast becoming a global space as workplace operations may be more inclined to the digital space post-COVID-19.
It is imperative then, that businesses and brands flow with the tide and incorporate the world of digital if they desire global impact and profit.

Something else that will remain affected by the pandemic and whose effect will be universal is the education sector. Educational activities will not be left out of the switch to digital space.
Online classes and training will become the order of the day. Even as some countries have bought into the idea of digital education where classes, tests and examinations, seminars, and the likes will hold on the digital space, upcoming countries are left with no choice than switch to the digital space, if education is to remain a vital goal. We should expect to see educational institutions home and abroad adopt technology as their mode of learning after COVID-19.

Another new initiative is the online court trial proceedings that have begun to take effect in the light of observing social distancing. It was probably inconceivable that a court proceeding will happen online, fully understanding how proceedings take place in courts. But judges now give judgments via a video call, another positive impact of the digital space which implies that all businesses and brands can be beneficiaries of the digital space. The benefits of this post-COVID-19 being that courts will be decongested, promptly eliminating physical and verbal assaults, reducing the need to call for order in courts which is a good way to relieve physical stress, and promoting social distancing such that apart from absolute necessity, all cases can be held and settled digitally.

Just as humanity has been adapting from the beginning of the world, adapting to changes that will happen after the pandemic is mandatory to move forward and ahead of the situation nature/man has caused. In the advent of this, there’ll be winners and losers, even as life is more about the survival of the fittest, in this case being that life will now be more about the survival of the digitally fittest.

How digitally fit can you be?


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