Gage Awards.


The months trickled into weeks, weeks have trickled into days and as days begin to trickle into hours, we are proud to say that the maiden edition of GAGE Awards which is set to hold this February is going to be awesome.
Aren’t you excited!

Just as the focus has always been—and will always be, GAGE Awards is poised to be the biggest digital awards platform in Africa, with a dedication to celebrating individuals and companies who contribute to the good of the web in a most notable way.
We are not thinking big and starting small, we are thinking big and starting big!

Big goals. Big vision. Big preparation. Big celebration.

With our drums rolling, we are excited to announce that our hosts for this year’s event are none other than the spectacularly amazing and beautiful Tomike Adeoye; award-winning actor and online personality popularly known as Tomike, and excellently wonderful and handsome Gbemileke Oyinsan; content producer and MC popularly known as Oscar.

It’s now time to bring out your imaginary trumpet as we present to you the performing artist of the year, the legendary Johnny Drille.

We have stopped at nothing short of the best for the maiden edition, knowing how important a great foundation is for any structure. Doting our I’s and crossing our T’s, we can say with all pleasure that GAGE Awards is here! Are you ready to be GAGED?

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