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Looking back and counting the days since the COVID-19 lockdown was effected in several states across Nigeria, it has left a bittersweet effect in its wake.
While a number of citizens can say emphatically that it’s nothing but a compulsory holiday, to sleep, rest, bond with family, and eat, a larger part of the populace can say with satisfaction that it has been a period of learning a number of things the digital way, registering for online courses, participating in videos and podcast-based seminars, as well as exploring the usefulness of YouTube and Social Media.

Introducing GageLive at this period is nothing short of amazing, as our Instagram users have been open to a lot of inspiring interactions on Instagram live, all for free, as long as you have your data subscription activated and you are tuned in to Instagram when the live interview of important personalities occurs.

The GAGE live platform is an Instagram live-based program where we show-case individuals who have and are still setting a standard for growth in the digital space.

These interview interactions have brought up as much as amazing personalities who are voices to reckon with in their different fields, ranging from online comedy to podcasting, online influencing, technology & digital entrepreneurship.

Nkemdilim Uwaje being the first to grace GageLive with her esteemed experience in the technological world, took a topic on Challenges Facing Women in the World of Technology, in a bid to celebrate Women in the digital space and in honor of IWD2020. We also had the great Onyeka Akumah, CEO Farmcrowdy discussed the perks of being a Techpreneur. Of course, the amazing Banke Alawaye came on #gagelive spoke about the correlation between the digital and tech space.

After then, Dr Olufunmilayo, UK-based doctor popularly known as OurFavOnlineDoc on Twitter interacted with our audience, speaking on “Being Safe and Smart” where he was able to debunk myths relating to COVID-19 and how to stay safe.

The Pamilerin, Online Influencer, spoke on Maintaining Positivity this pandemic period, while Taaooma, Online Comedian, spoke on Aiming for Happiness this Season.

GageLive also had the pleasure of welcoming Mr Amaechi Okobi who took the enlightening topic: Maintaining Connection between Brand and Audience, while Dr. Adeola Olubamiji, Founder of STEMhub spoke on the Opportunities Available in the STEM Space.

Mr. Adewale Yusuf (CEO of Techpoint) expounded on the Relationship between Entrepreneurship and Technology, as Segun Awosanya, popularly known as Segalinks (Online Influencer and Leader of the #EndSARS campaign) spoke on Building an Online Influence.

In order to maximize the Stay-at-Home Order, GageLive was also able to introduce the CEO of Sparkle, former CEO of Diamond Bank, Uzoma Dozie took an enlightening topic: Creating a Balance between your Business and Technology, while Gagelive had a techytalk Collins Teke (OAP and Podcaster) who spoke on Exploring Digital Opportunities in Communications.

Staying at home and maintaining social distancing this period might be tiring, but no doubt, Gagelive has been able to maximize this period, bringing up digital personalities who have been able to bring to the limelight the importance of the digital space and the numerous opportunities available in it.

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Many opportunities await you!

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