Gage Awards.


Who would have known that a time will come when there would be a mandatory need to stay at home, work, live and do every other life-related activity?
I bet you didn’t expect this.
With the presence of the pandemic; covid19, sadly ravaging lands, peoples, and countries, social distancing has become the order of the day.

However, just as time and experience have taught that there is a form of blessing in all disappointments.
We are now in the DIGITAL ERA!

With a pleasurable sigh, one is certain of the abundance of the digital space and the fact that the digital world is large enough to accommodate the whole of humanity without getting choked up a bit.
Now, businesses and companies can explore the many opportunities available digitally, the digital space has come in handy, a necessary tool for businesses’ day to day activities to run smoothly and effectively.

As an employer and an employee, how well are you experimenting with the digital space? There is really a lot of opportunities store for you if only you are willing to explore.
Working from home is just the beginning of a lot of new things in the Digitech space, if you are willing to adjust to what the universe has placed in our hands, maximizing the digital space to the fullest will bring more fulfillment at this point.

You may be thinking that only digital enthusiasts can tap into the wealth of the digital space. Think again! Commercial agencies are beginning to see the good in the digital space, deploying their websites to actualize more for their customers and clients and reaching out to them digitally, since social distancing has been put into place. Making use of video platforms has never gotten this easier since the history of mankind and now, meetings can be held even if board members are miles away from each other.

The positive effects that this pandemic has on the digital space is unlimited and it is best that you catch up with this positivity as an individual and make use of the abundant opportunities the digital space has in store for both businesses and individuals.

Either you are connecting with friends and families, or interacting with knowledge-based platforms to acquire more digital knowledge in order to seek profit, now is the time to go digital!

Remember Blogs, Websites,  Emails,  Podcasts, Social media, Technology solutions, Online TV’s are the new way to go. The Gage Awards would be here to gage digital space.

Celebrating the good of the web makes perfect sense and this we shall do!

With all sizzle and bustle, preparation and arrangements, awareness and engagements, the first Digital Awards Platform in Africa is about to land on the shores of Nigeria, making Her the benchmark of digital aspirations in the whole of Africa.

Every good turn deserves another and this is where the GAGE Awards Dream was birthed.
The GAGE Awards is focused on bringing to the limelight, worthy inventions of individuals and companies in making the digital space a better place by far.
The goal of GAGE Awards is to celebrate the good of the web in such a way that digital inventors and contributors will be celebrated on a global stage with the aim of encouraging people to be digitally inclined and web-savvy.

Gracing the GAGE Awards this year will be the best of the best in the digital space, individuals who have contributed massively and positively to the good of the web.
In attendance, we will be honored with the presence of Prof. Umar Garba Danbatta, the Executive Vice Chairman of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC).
In the same vein, we will be honored with the presence of the Acting Chairman of the Advertising Professional Council of Nigeria (APCON) and other dignified personalities.

With well-seasoned programs such as live performances and presentations set to be served on a platter of excellence and sophistication, one can be rest assured that the first edition of the GAGE Awards is going to be a hit. February 22nd is the day, Eko Hotels & Suites is the venue, and 6 pm is the time

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