Rolake Rosiji is the Acting Managing Director of Careers in Africa , part of the Global Careers Company. She started her career with a graduate program at the International Transaction Tax Department in the UK from September 2010 to February 2011. Between 2011 and 2018, Rolake gathered more experience working with 4 different companies in different roles. Coffey hired Rolake as an analyst while PA Consulting Group hired her afterwards as a Consultant Analyst. She later joined the Royal Danish Consulate in Lagos as a Commercial Advisor.

For 3 years, Rolake Rosiji worked with Arla Foods in the corporate strategy and business development sector. In 2018, She joined M-KOPA, an asset financing company that helps people get finance for their everyday essential needs. At M-KOPA where she served for over 2 years as Country Manager in Nigeria, she headed the technology and sales operations for credit-financed smartphones and solar power sets.

Rolake left M-KOPA and became a part of the Jobberman team as the CEO for a while before leaving.

Let’s welcome Rolake Rosiji to the GAGE Academy 2022.